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Posted on 12.08.05
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  • Posted on 12.08.05

Is Hyde Park the next Old North — a magnet for young St. Louisans with patience, space heaters, and the ability to shingle a roof? The two neighborhoods share a lot of history, some architecture, and a political boundary. But, while Old North fairly buzzes with plans, energy, and investment, most of Hyde Park is still waiting to be noticed by realtors and mortgage lenders.

That may be changing, though. Tomorrow, the Missouri Housing Development Commission is scheduled to meet to consider my request for funding to move along a $15 million mixed-use development by Better Living Communities. Once completed, the fifteen block “Salisbury Park” will have market rate and restricted income apartments, and new single family homes. Better Living has also promised to bring recreational, educational and social support services to the neighborhood’s residents.

A lot of attention is focused on our efforts to revitalize Downtown St. Louis. Rightly so. Downtown is enjoying a renaissance that is generating notice far beyond St. Louis. But, the less frequently told story — even at home — is the development in other places in the City, including some north St. Louis neighborhoods that have not seen new investment in decades.