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Posted on 05.16.09
  • 1 min read
  • Posted on 05.16.09

A few thoughts on the Missouri General Assembly.

It was a legislative session of compromise — not gridlock, not revolution.

The St. Louis region’s often warring representatives — business and political — reached enough agreement on key issues that St. Louis was more of a force than usual in Jefferson City this session, gaining critical funding for both Lambert and Metro that seemed unlikely only a month ago. With more practice — and with stronger alliances with Kansas City’s interests — we could do even better.

Passage of a useful economic development bill was finally possible because of agreements reached between rural and urban legislators that seemed to show a growing (grudging?) understanding of St. Louis’s important contribution to the state’s economy.

Brad Lager and Jeff Smith are young senators with very different world views. Yet, they hammered out a fair agreement on historic tax credits, based on a hardwon respect for their differences.

I credit many of the accomplishments of this session to the leadership of House Speaker Ron Richard. He deserves our thanks.