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Posted on 10.27.07
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  • Posted on 10.27.07

Two stories that ran in the same edition of the local newspaper caught my eye last week.

The first article reported a plan by the Metropolitan Parks and Recreation District to convert a mile-long former railroad trestle north of downtown into an elevated bikeway - complete with landscaping and wind-powered lighting. The bikeway, which will connect city streets on the near northside with the riverfront bike trail, will be one of only a handful such attractions in the world (New York has one; so does Paris). It will begin (or end) near the new approach trestle that feeds bicyclists onto the soon-to-open McKinley Bridge bike lanes. Planners predict that the new elevated bike trestle will attract riders and walkers from throughout the region and across the country to St. Louis to use the growing network of bike trails and lanes that connect City neighborhoods to each other and to the river.

The second story reported the possible demolition of an old railroad bridge on the Katy Trail near Boonville. At issue is whether or not the state maintains a property interest in the bridge and can prevent a railroad from using its pieces to build a different bridge in another location. I have not read the legal filings - and have no position on the litigation. Nor am I prepared to argue that either keeping or demolishing the old bridge will have a stronger economic impact in the communities along the rail line.

But, (as the younger bloggers put it) I’m just saying .. .