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Posted on 04.16.12
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  • Posted on 04.16.12

St. Louis aldermen took a big step forward today towards making needed reforms to reduce the cost increases of the Firemen's Retirement System. The Board voted - overwhelmingly - to opt out of the very expensive state-authorized FRS.

This was a very hard vote for aldermen to make. They were put under enormous political pressure by Board President Lewis Reed and some members of Local 73, the firefighters union.

I want to thank by name each alderman who voted yes. Each one demonstrated by his or her action today that they are willing to stand up to do what's right for you.

  • Dionne Flowers
  • Freeman Bosley, Sr.
  • Tammika Hubbard
  • Kacie Starr Triplett
  • Phyllis Young
  • Steve Conway
  • Ken Ortmann
  • Tom Villa
  • Fred Wessels
  • Carol Howard
  • Jennifer Florida
  • Donna Baringer
  • Joe Roddy
  • Terry Kennedy
  • Marlene Davis
  • Craig Schmid
  • Shane Cohn
  • Frank Williamson
  • Greg Carter
  • Lyda Krewson

The next step now begins. Having voted to opt out of the old system, aldermen must pass legislation to create a new system.

I hope to be able to list 28 - or 29 - names for that vote.