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Posted on 04.15.13
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  • Posted on 04.15.13

The news from Boston is tragic ' and still incomplete. Police Chief Sam Dotson tells me that the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department has identified no threats against our city, but that his officers remain vigilant. President Obama has promised "the full weight of justice" will fall on those responsible. We must take from that the consolation we can.

There really is not much we can do, except to extend our condolences to the victims and their families, and to offer our prayers for the people of Boston. By every account, Boston first responders are performing bravely and well ' so, they, too, belong in our thoughts.

There is a large and vibrant running community in St. Louis. It is connected to other communities across the country. Some of you will know people who were in Boston today. I hope that you find your friends well. As you speak to them, please tell them that St. Louis is deeply saddened by today's terrible events.