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Posted on 03.31.07
  • 3 min read
  • Posted on 03.31.07

Here’s a quick update on the status of the City’s thriving Bosnian business community. Michelle Maple, commercial district supervisor at the City’s development agency, prepared the following list of some of the newest businesses - some already open; some still being sketched out over strong coffee in shops in the Bevo neighborhood, along Gravois and Morganford.

  • Mida Bakery at 4457 Gravois is a catering and bakery business that uses the facilities of the wonderful Taft Street Restaurant to operate.

  • Ferizi Farm in the Gravois/Morgan Ford parking lot is a produce stand owned and operated by a Bosnian who is leasing the spot from the Gravois Business Association. This enterprise first began last year is being expanded this season.

  • Adnan Iriskic Brothers LLC, recently completed a building renovation at 5411 Gravois with four storefronts for lease. A grocery store and butcher shop are moving in to one of the spaces, and a beauty salon and a restaurant are slated for two of the other spaces. The final space is planned as offices.

  • Sam & Tony’s Department Store at 6229 Gravois is a new small department store operated by and catering to Bosnians.

  • Samir Niskic Pizza at 4524 Gravois is the working name of a pizza parlor planning for a June opening. The building is being renovated, and will also house Mr. Niskic’s electrical contracting business in the rear of the property. (Watt-A-Pizza sounds like an appropriate name.)

  • Café Milano Grocery Store at Gannett and Morganford is a new business started by the owner of successful Café Milano at 5045 Gravois. Milano’s owner has purchased the long-cooped up old Church’s Fried Chicken restaurant around the corner from his present establishment. He plans to demolish the chicken building to make way for the new grocery.

  • The Grbic’s, who have successfully operated Grbic’s Restaurant, are now opening a Banquet Hall at 4071 Keokuk.

  • SaBaH at 5003 Gravois is the largest-circulation Bosnian newspaper in the United States. The publisher moved to St. Louis from New York due to the large concentration of Bosnians here.

  • CODE at 4412 Morgan Ford is a new, very popular nightclub for Bosnian young adults.

  • The Lava Lounge at 4561 Gravois first erupted last year, but has recently undergone a change to Bosnian management - and the new managers have, according to Michelle, added Bosnian cultural theming.

  • Ray’s Bar is located at Morganford and Delor, across the street from Bevo Mill and is now under new Bosnian ownership.

  • Piramada at 4658 Gravois is a bar and coffee house originally opened by a Bosnian owner. The establishment is now under new Bosnian ownership.

  • And, finally: the Bosnian Chamber of Commerce recently received $250,000 through the efforts of US Rep. Russ Carnahan to help develop a Bosnian Cultural Center in the City. The organization is eyeing several possible locations, including the former Quik Trip property site at 5017 Gravois. Ald. Steve Gregali has - notes Michelle - been assisting the site selection process.