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Posted on 07.08.09
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  • Posted on 07.08.09

Late last week, the State of Missouri officially asked (actually, asked again, correctly this time) that a statue of Harry (S no period) Truman be installed in the National Statuary Hall in Washington , DC. Each state can ask that two of its famous dead residents be so honored. Currently, statues of Thomas Hart Benton and Francis Preston Blair, Jr., hold Missouri’s places. Truman, a Senator, Vice President, and President, will replace Blair, a Representative, Senator, and Civil War general. That’s a good substitution.

I thought of that today, when I learned from Sen. Kit Bond that the US Department of Housing & Urban Development would release $36 million in Federal funds to the region, much of it to City programs that fund affordable housing, emergency shelter, jobs creation, rental assistance, and AIDS assistance.

Were it not for the “dead” part, a Bond statue in the US Capitol doesn’t seem that far-fetched.