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Posted on 11.27.09
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  • Posted on 11.27.09

There are several (6?) former St. Louis Cardinals on the various Baseball Hall of Fame ballots this year. As far as I am concerned, the more Cards in the HOF, the better. There are two names on the ballots, though, whose inclusion should be foregone conclusions.

Whitey Herzog belongs in the Hall as a manager. He brought three pennants and a World Championship to St. Louis — and “Whiteyball” (speedy base running, first-class defense, and plenty of line drives) is still our favorite style of baseball.

Sam Breadon purchased his first interest in the Cardinals for $25. He owned the team for thirty years, transforming it from doormat to perennial winner with the Gashouse Gang and others. He hired — and ultimately fired — Branch Rickey. Enos Slaughter and Stan Musial both played for his teams. His motto “it’s the ballclub that counts, not the individual” is still part of the fabric of the Cardinals. He belongs in the Hall as an executive.

We’ll know the inductees in a week or two. Good luck to all who have worn the birds on the bat (yes, I think that was Breadon invention, too).