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Posted on 01.08.12
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  • Posted on 01.08.12

Last night, I brought the City's greetings to a group gathered to mark the beginning of the state's observance of the Martin Luther, King, Jr., holiday. Here is some of what I said:

Distinguished visitors, on behalf of the people of the City of St. Louis, welcome to a week in which our state celebrates the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. That week begins now. This is an important evening, one of the most important in our civic calendar.

To set its tone, let us consider Dr. King's example:

Dr. King fought for justice, but he did not hate.

Dr. King fought for respect, but he also gave respect.

And, Dr. King fought for integration, because he knew that "separate" would never - and can never - mean "equal."

If we want to truly celebrate Dr. King's life, we must make our lives more like his.

We can begin tonight.

Let's get to know each other better after these speeches are over. Let's talk to each other about our children's dreams, hopes ' and schools.

With such a start and your good will, we could end up by building together what Dr. King called a "Great City."

That would be an accomplishment to talk about next year.

Thank you. And God bless St. Louis. God bless us all.