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Posted on 08.05.09
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  • Posted on 08.05.09

An article in today’s St. Louis Post-Dispatch lists the things being done by local schools to ensure that returning students are as prepared as possible to guard against any outbreak of H1N1 and other flu viruses. Whatever you think of the media attention given to swine flue, you have to admit that making sure children stay healthy should be a high public priority.

That’s why I have long been a supporter of a City Health Department program that sends our nurses into parochial schools to do health screenings and make sure that kids are properly immunized. (The St. Louis Public School District does the same thing, using the 20 or so nurses on their own staff. The Health Department works closely with the public school district.) Students enrolled in parochial schools live among — and share food and play — with their neighbors and family members who attend public schools. The voluntary partnerships between the parochial schools and the Health Department make all City kids a little safer.