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Posted on 10.22.05
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  • Posted on 10.22.05

I was reviewing some material today in preparation for the annual Business Celebration Luncheon on Nov. 4. That event (at the Renaissance Grand again) is always a big deal. I use it as an opportunity to recognize the contributions made by the City’s businesses. Our neighborhoods may be our soul, but the City’s businesses are our pumping heart. Their services, goods, jobs, and taxes make City living convenient, satisfying, and possible.

The past several years have seen many businesses — large and small — come into the City for the first time. And the years have seen existing City businesses opt to remain in the City and grow with us.

That’s no accident.

We’ve made progress by doing four things better than in the past: paying attention, working hard, taking risks, and building great teams — within City government, with other governments, and with our private sector partners.

Rebuilding a city is a team sport. No mayor, no developer, no program can revitalize a city alone — it takes bankers, elected officials, city and state economic development officials, developers, contractors, architects, equity investors, tenants, workers, and residents. Every part of the team is important.

We still have some important challenges, but — like the baseball team that plays a hard nine — we have learned to have confidence in our efforts. And attitude is more than half the battle.