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Posted on 04.19.09
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  • Posted on 04.19.09

Asked by the St. Louis Business Journal last week:

Q: Now that you’ve been re-elected for your third term as mayor, what developments Downtown would you like to see move forward or be completed over the next four years?

A: In two words: Ballpark Village. In more words, the renovation and reopening of the Kiel Opera House, the renovation/reconfiguration of the Central Library on Olive, complete implementation of the new plan for the Gateway Mall, and improvements in the Convention Center.

I would also like to see mainstream retail take off, a movie theater, and a real dog park.

And we need more people living downtown. Five thousand more people over the next five years would be great, and if many of these people were kids, it would be even better.

I would like to see the National Park Service move forward with plans for connecting the Arch to the rest of downtown, and activating the Gateway Arch grounds in accordance with the recommendations of the Danforth Foundation task force and others.