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Posted on 08.03.09
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  • Posted on 08.03.09

America’s churchgoers have been battered in recent years by revelations of serious betrayals of trust — and criminal wrongdoing — by members of their clergy. It is scandalous, shameful, and extremely harmful to their victims.

Archbishop Robert Carlson, the newly installed leader of St. Louis Catholics, used the occasion of one of his first highly publicized events to attend Mass this weekend at St. Raphael’s to apologize to parishioners there for the reported actions of the church’s pastor, to comfort them, and to reassure all of us that the archdiocese would not be ignoring this.

I also attended the archbishop’s Mass at St. Raphael’s. It is not my home parish, but I wanted to be there to show my support for a parish that is in pain. I also got the measure of the new archbishop.

I was impressed.