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Posted on 07.14.05
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  • Posted on 07.14.05

Most of the City is as safe as any suburban neighborhood in the region — though getting some people to believe that is a challenge. The fact is that a few people in a few City neighborhoods account for much of crime reported here.

Chief Joe Mokwa and his officers understand that pattern and are addressing the problem with an Anti-Violent Crime Initiative that targets these few bad actors in their own neighborhoods.

The Initiative was launched on May 1, 2005. In the 14 neighborhoods the Initiative has been working, serious crimes are down.

  • Homicides show a 29 percent decrease in the targeted neighborhoods from May to June

  • Aggravated assaults with guns show a 3 percent drop from May to June

    It is important to remember that all current crime statistics trends need to be viewed against the background of the good work the Police Department has done over the past few years to make the entire City a much safer place to live, work, and visit.