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Posted on 05.10.11
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  • Posted on 05.10.11

This afternoon, I plan to ask the St. Louis Board of Police Commissioners to consider ' and approve ' a collective bargaining agreement between the Department and the St. Louis Police Officers Association. I believe in progressive labor relations, so I support this agreement. It is a good deal for police officers. Officers will get more input into the operations of the department. They get more on-the-job protections. I believe the more our employees believe they have some real say over their workplace, the more productive they will be.

With their increased say will come greater responsibility for our officers. We will challenge them to work with Chief Dan Isom, with my office, and the people of St. Louis to make our neighborhoods safer. We will ask them to operate smarter and better to reduce crime and get criminals off the streets. We will ask them to partner with people in all of our neighborhoods to make them safer. And we will hold them more accountable. This agreement, when it is approved, is another step closer to local control of our police department. The involved parties ' officers, legislators, and city officials ' are finally on the same page. I am increasingly hopeful that the local control legislation will be passed by the General Assembly before Friday's adjournment.

I will keep you posted.