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Posted on 05.25.05
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  • Posted on 05.25.05

The BRAC 2005 Commission sent a member and several staffers to St. Louis today to tour the Defense Finance and Accounting Service on Goodfellow to gather facts. They met with the commanders, staff, and the union representing civilian employees. SLDC deputy director Otis Williams also attended on my behalf to let the commissioner know that I want the DFAS to remain in St. Louis.

The BRAC Commission will take our formal testimony on June 7.

We know that the mission of the BRAC Commission is save money. But, consolidating this DFAS office with other regional offices will not create any real savings.

  • The DFAS in St. Louis has a unique mission, so consolidating it with other DFAS offices will not reduce redundancies.

  • The DFAS in St. Louis is actually renting its office space from the government, so moving DFAS somewhere else will not result in any savings to the government.

    Still, to be realistic, our chances of reversing this decision are not good.

    The DFAS is responsible for 293 jobs.