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Posted on 10.11.09
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  • Posted on 10.11.09

I have spoken about “Up in the Air” several times recently — and quite a lot when the crew was filming in St. Louis. The movie is getting very strong reviews from critics and audiences at the film festivals at which it has been shown — and we’ll have our own chance to preview it during this year’s St. Louis International Film Festival.

Over the past several days, “Up in the Air” has been mentioned quite a lot in the blogosphere — though, the news falls into the “too bad” category. The film’s title track, written by a St. Louis musician, will not be eligible for Academy Award consideration, because (say industry bloggers) it was not written specifically for the movie (the musician handed a copy of the song to director Jason Reitman after a Webster U event) and because it plays during the second half of the credits, instead of the first half (rules, rules, rules).

I suspect, though, that most St. Louis audiences will hear Kevin Renick’s song, because we’ll be watching for our neighbors throughout the fine print of the closing credits.