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Posted on 11.22.05
  • 1 min read
  • Posted on 11.22.05

Carole Moody worked hard at a very tough job. Her successes were counted up and published every month. And no milestone was ever “enough.”

Carole’s departure next year gives us an important opportunity: find someone to replace her who has Creg Williams’ determination, Rollin Stanley’s fresh eyes, Barb Geisman’s breadth of knowledge, Darnetta Clinkscale’s integrity, Jeff Rainford’s competitiveness, Jim Cloar’s experience, Kim Tucci’s entrepreneurship, Bob Cassilly’s imagination, Jim Mann’s determination, Dan Buck’s passion, Mary “One” Johnson’s salesmanship, Kit Bond’s connections, Tony LaRussa’s strategic sense, Joe Edward’s vision, and Tom Reeves’ deal-making.

In short, we need the best of the best.