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Posted on 06.25.05
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  • Posted on 06.25.05

We were good yesterday. And lucky, too. No one was seriously hurt when dozens of tanks at Praxair, Inc., exploded and burned.

I told Gov. Matt Blunt when we met this afteroon that I credit the quick, professional, and coordinated responses of the Fire Department, the Police Department, the City Emergency Management Agency, the Red Cross, local hospitals, and other public and private agencies for minimizing both confusion and injury.

I thanked the neighborhood’s residents and workers for their patience during the temporary evacuation. And, I commended Praxair for quickly evacuating its employees and informing emergency officials about the nature and extent of the facility’s challenges.

Over the next few weeks, I will be meeting with Praxair officials to review the events that led up to Friday’s apparent accident, the response of the emergency and public safety teams, and the future of Praxair’s City facility.

We will try to reach a solution that reconciles the priority of protecting one of the City’s most historic — and fastest growing — residential neighborhoods with the desire to help a good business remain in the City. What this will probably mean is a relocation of some or all of the Praxair facility to a more industrial setting.

As usual, I will keep you posted.