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Posted on 11.15.13
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  • Posted on 11.15.13

I am absolutely NOT concerned about it.

It isn't that bad a list to be on. I think that any Frenchman discouraged from visiting New York, New Orleans, Los Angeles, Chicago or St. Louis because of the so-called warnings will have a much duller trip.

I do think every traveler should be aware of his surroundings ' whether in New York or St. Louis or Paris.

Since it lumps the city and the county together, the police chiefs of the City and the county probably ought to add the French warning to their argument about combined reporting of crime stats.

I have no intention of escalating the dispute by banning French fries, French toast, or French dressing.

(I would have just ignored this had a local radio station facing a slow news day not called Maggie Crane several times for my comment.)