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Posted on 10.17.05
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  • Posted on 10.17.05

Today, I spoke about this blog to a seminar of corporate PR professionals at Webster University. They asked me if I had any hesitation about doing this. I told them that I did not.

This blog is a great way to speak to a crowd of people I might not otherwise meet. I enjoy writing it - and I like the feedback I’m getting from its readers.

Writing this is a new habit: When I’m sitting at my desk going through the stuff that I am reading or writing, I’ll put aside something that strikes my fancy - or which I think will strike yours - and I’ll add it to the blog.

To complement the blog, the site has added some continuing features - a weekly Mini-Poll, a podcast, a photo, some daily news - to support my message that the City is a diverse, interesting, and well-run place; and to increase the frequency of site traffic and the number of new visitors.

The techs tell me MayorSlay.com now draws several thousand unique visitors a week - and it adds new visitors every day. The number of people subscribing to the podcasts, blog, and news items increases each month.

A recent podcast - an interview with a Bosnian in Bosnian - has been downloaded more than 2,500 times. An interview with a pair of local hip-hop DJs has been downloaded more than 7,500 times - mostly, I suspect, through iTunes.

I am always surprised by the diversity of people who want to talk about the website and the blog. I am asked about it on airplanes when I travel. My fellow mayors have stopped me at conferences. Residents have come up to me at neighborhood meetings to talk about issues raised in the blog. Reporters have asked questions at press conferences about things they read here. An editorial in the today’s newspaper even quoted something I said on the site.

So, if you keep reading, I’ll certainly keep blogging.