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Posted on 07.06.11
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  • Posted on 07.06.11

Later today, the Planning Commission will consider a proposal to construct a new business ' a chain pharmacy ' on Lindell. Construction of the pharmacy, should it happen, will most likely involve the demolition of a distinctive building, the AAA office. (It's one of the two round glass buildings.) Unlike the Del Taco building, the AAA structure is not listed as a contributing building on the National Register of Historic Places. It is also not in one of the city's preservation review districts nor in a local historic district. The building's fate and the appearance of its successor building can only be influenced by decisions made ' or withheld ' by the location's alderman and city agencies.

I believe that the loss of any distinctive element of our built environment must be justified by a new good at least its equal. It is not my current impression that the amenity of a new chain drug store within blocks of a couple of existing ones or the very ordinary design of the proposed building is such a good. I will, therefore, ask my office's representative on the Planning Commission to cast a vote against the project today. And I urge the other members of the Commission to, at least, to consider doing the same until the developer has been more directly engaged.