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Posted on 06.23.12
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  • Posted on 06.23.12

When the Planning Commission took up a proposal to construct a pair of new buildings on Lindell ' and to demolish the distinctive round glass building on the site and a less interesting garage ' I asked the commissioners to remember that the loss of any distinctive element of the City's built environment must be balanced against a gain at least as significant.

At that time, the threatened round building, which is privately owned, did not have the protection of a landmark designation or the status of a being in an historic district. Since then, it has gained some because of its location. Earlier this month, I signed legislation sponsored by Alderman Terry Kennedy including the project site in a preservation review district. That means that any demolitions on that site must first be considered by the Cultural Resources Office and the Preservation Board.

The developers of the site have not yet applied for a demolition permit, but they have asked the Cultural Resources Office and the Preservation Board to give their plans a preliminary review. That will happen on Monday.

My position is unchanged. I would rather see the round building re-used than demolished. If it, or the other building on the site, is demolished, I would like to see it (or them) replaced by something as good ' or better.