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Posted on 11.02.15
  • 2 min read
  • Posted on 11.02.15

 To be resilient is to adapt to adversity. To roll with the punches. To take the good with the bad and choose to move forward. To be resilient is to be strong. To be relentless. To never lose focus no matter how difficult it can be.

St. Louis is resilient. In fact, St. Louis has been formally named as one of the 100 most resilient cities in the world, a distinction that comes with some financial resources. 

Our next task is to catalog our weaknesses and our strengths, because to be resilient is to be honest with ourselves as an imperfect City adept at change. St. Louis bears the stresses of endemic crime and violence, high poverty, aging infrastructure, and disparities in education, economic opportunity, and public health. We stand together in agreeing that these issues need to be addressed.  We are resolved that all City residents deserve a quality of life that affords honest work and fair pay, safe neighborhoods and streets, affordable housing and services, quality schools, and the opportunity for upward mobility. And we believe that we have the resources and will to make it so.

Using the funds that come with our designation, the City is about to name a Chief Resilience Officer to implement ways to improve our weaknesses and turn them into positives, to implement strategies to withstand the shocks and fissures that could pull another city apart, but will, instead, bring St. Louis together. There are some very strong candidates.

I am glad that our city has shown itself to others as able to succeed. l believe it. I suspect you do, too.