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Posted on 10.26.07
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  • Posted on 10.26.07

From the St. Louis Business Journal:

Thursday, one suburban mom will leave her post at the Business Journal early to watch her son star in the school musical.

Next week, the father of a kindergartner will take off from this downtown office in a flash to take his daughter trick or treating for Halloween.

It’s all within reach.

That’s how I felt a couple of Saturdays ago when we decided to go to the Symphony at the last minute. To be able to listen to a world-class orchestra and get from our home to Powell Hall easily made for a wonderful weekend.

It was, indeed, within reach. So is Forest Park with all of its free cultural institutions and so is Faust Park with the Butterfly House.

It’s more than a geographic phenomenon. It’s really a way of life. People here are warm and accessible and so are new experiences. The Delmar Loop, for example, is edgy while the University City Library on its border is warm and comforting.

That’s why the new brand -- ST. LOU is all within reach --or, if you prefer, ST. LOUIS, all within reach -- rings true.

Of course, it should, because it was developed by the best branding experts our region has to offer under the volunteer leadership of Scott Bush at Maritz. This group was gathered by CVC President Kitty Ratcliffe with the blessings of the mayor, county executive, Civic Progress and Regional Business Council.

These are the people who bring the best brands to life, and they understand concept and execution.

The logo is clean and uses our most recognizable symbol, the Arch.

This message resonates in Chesterfield as well as in Chester, Illinois.

It defines us at our best.

"Within reach" has an aspirational connotation, focusing on the can-do, Midwestern lifestyle we have chosen.

We think making this brand stick truly is "within reach," and we congratulate all of those who worked to make it so.