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Posted on 07.12.07
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  • Posted on 07.12.07

Baseball and beer continue to be topics that raise controversies in St. Louis and Wisconsin. MayorSlay.com is at a St. Louis disadvantage right now arguing baseball primacy over Milwaukee, but we won’t back down on the suds.

According to the Associated Press, a Wisconsin brewery has been trying for the past few years to trademark the title “America’s #1 Rated Brewery.” Capital Brewery Co., Inc., which bases its claim on the fact that it was the seventh ranked (but top US-based) brewery in a 1998 international beer tasting contest, told the AP that “consumers, retailers, and wholesalers” in the company’s marketing territory identify the "#1" phrase with Capital. Apparently, though, that marketing area does not include anywhere within five hundred or so miles of the Arch, since no one we’ve met has ever so described the Capital Brewery Co., Inc. More often than not, MayorSlay.com has heard the phrase used to describe one of St. Louis’s great breweries, including the big brick one in Soulard that brews “The King of Beers.”

The federal Trademark and Appeal Board is scheduled to hold a hearing on the trademark application next April.

By then, maybe baseball primacy will be more of an issue again, too.