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Posted on 01.13.15
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  • Posted on 01.13.15

Adults in the St. Louis region have had a lot to think about lately. Recent events have reminded us that there is still significant progress needed to address racial disparities that have characterized our region for decades.

We now know more than ever that the artificial boundaries between the City and the County are holding us back. We now see how a divided community is not a community at all.

Our children don't see our city through the same eyes that we do. Our children don't see the imaginary line down Skinker Boulevard that slices the City off from the County.

So what do our children see? Things that we wish they didn't see, mixed with things we're glad they do.

They see poverty and violence. They see worry and boarded-up windows.

They see an Arch that rises from the ground to the sky. They see fields in Francis Park and a playground in which anything is possible. They see Giant Rabbits in Citygarden and hand-crafted furniture in Hyde Park's Sun Café. They see fireworks over the Grand Basin.

Lucky children see their moms and dads work, take chances, build businesses, and succeed. Unlucky children (is there a phrase that damns us more thoroughly?) do not.

All children see our history and our present. In what they see, we can see our future.

(Photo: "Hand Among Giants;" A child compares his hand to an astronaut's at St. Louis Science Museum, courtesy of Jinx! https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/legalcode)