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Posted on 07.08.07
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  • Posted on 07.08.07

Since MayorSlay.com spent its weekend watching baseball at Busch, listening to music at Live on Levee, and enjoying fireworks at both venues, it was disconcerting to find an e-mailed story in the office mailbox about Saturday's "St. Louis Blues and Music Festival." How'd we miss that?

A careful reading of the forwarded newspaper article brought some consolation. The weekend's bluesfest was in St. Louis, Michigan, the self-described "geographic center of the lower peninsula." According to a local reporter, the music drew a standing-room-only crowd in the hundreds and was adjudged by spectators to be a great success.

The reporter's lede tried to capture the scope of the Michigander musical triumph, saying: "St. Louis by the Pine seemed a little like St. Louis by the Mississippi as music lovers poured into downtown to witness the inaugural St. Louis Blues and Music Festival Saturday.

Wonder if they have a levee, too?