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Posted on 04.09.07
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  • Posted on 04.09.07

St. Louis Post-Dispatch writer Dana Loesch used her blog today explain her reasons for moving to the City:

I see life growing in our city - it’s becoming beautiful again. People are saving and restoring buildings. The population which forsook city limits for the Levittowns north, west, and south of the Mississippi is returning.

What I love most is the close interaction with our neighbors, our block, our small community within a community. We love walking to some of our destinations instead of driving everywhere. The boys learn a major lesson on urban revitalization and social studies. We’re almost a month into our new home and neighborhood, and we love it. The boys love the close proximity to every attraction.

If you were to ask if I see my family living in the city ten years from now, I’d answer yes. Granted, no area is perfect. Suburbia, the city, the country, every area has its own idiosycrancies and problems. Not everyone is designed for city living. Not everyone is designed for suburbia. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

For now, you can read all of Dana’s blog entry here