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Posted on 07.29.07
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  • Posted on 07.29.07

Yup, MayorSlay.com spotted this description in the Chicago Tribune Travel section today. (Thanks to the readers who sent us notes about it.)

Briefly: A truly world-class zoo. Set in one of America’s finest urban green spaces (Forest Park), this is a zoo that’s both traditional (three 1920s "houses," a 1904 aviary) and innovative (an outdoor penguin habitat). For anyone fortunate enough to have seen animals in their African or Asian homelands, some of the simulations at St. Louis are nothing short of astounding, almost as astounding as the admission price (free). In every way, walking these grounds is a privilege, for us-and for the animals.

Location: About 7 miles west of downtown St. Louis off Interstate Highway 64 (Hampton Avenue/Museums-Zoo exit), in Forest Park (which is a park here, not a suburb).

Miles from Chicago: 307. About 5 hours.