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Posted on 06.16.07
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  • Posted on 06.16.07

Who knew?

That there was such a thing as the National Frozen Pizza Institute? That its research was covered by a magazine called Frozen Food Age? Or that St. Louis is ranked fourth in the country as a frozen pizza mecca?

Well, we do. According to the above-mentioned trade journal the above-mentioned think tank ranks St. Louis only behind Des Moines, Minneapolis, and Milwaukee in frozen pizzas purchased.

The mayor of Des Moines, Frank Cownie, put an interesting . . . uh, spin on his city’s top ranking: "Frozen pizza is one of those diverse foods. It has vegetables, meat, dairy and grain products. Des Moines is certainly a good place for that kind of diversity. And frozen pizza is one of those things you can throw down in front of any age group, and they like it."

Diversity. Right. Us, too.