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Posted on 05.30.07
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  • Posted on 05.30.07

The region’s STARRS program, a high-tech system devised as a way for the region’s emergency services providers to track and sort victims of a “mass casualty incident” and link them to family members and other service providers, will be honored as a Laureate at this year’s Computerworld Honors Program Medal Ceremony and Gala Awards Evening on June 4, 2007, at the Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium in Washington, D.C.

According to the St. Louis Fire Department’s Kim Bacon:

The St. Louis Fire Department, St. Louis City and County Government[s], STARRS, and IBM launched this project more than five years ago in an effort to develop a better way to track and sort victims of a mass casualty incident. St. Louis City and St. Louis County collaboratively provided the start up funds, manpower and resources necessary to push the tracking project along.

The St. Louis Fire Department has been the beta test site since the inception of the concept and after years of stumbling blocks and improvements, is now using a functioning tracking system, live, every day. No other city in the nation has achieved this and many are monitoring the St. Louis success story.

The tracking system has been implemented in area hospitals and is spreading throughout the region. In the future, the entire region will use a compatible system to “track” a patient, their belongings, link them with family members, deploy necessary resources, and link them to necessary social services and follow-up care.