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Posted on 05.15.07
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  • Posted on 05.15.07

MayorSlay.com sometimes tracks mentions of St. Louis that appear in the national media. Today, we found three - including two unusual ones - in different stories on the same front page of The New York Times

  • A box on Page One directs Times readers to a major story about construction along the flood plains in St. Louis and St. Charles counties.

  • A dramatic three-column color photo on Page One shows what the caption describes as “a Palestinian boy [standing] near clashes between Hamas and Fatah in Gaza City yesterday.” The young man, inexplicably, is wearing a replica vintage jersey of the St. Louis Rams.

  • An interesting Page One story about the efforts of an amputee runner from South Africa to compete in the summer Olympics cites as precedent for his participation the Olympic gold medal won by a one-legged gymnast at the St. Louis Games in 1904.

    New York seems to have found us, for better or worse.