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Posted on 10.18.07
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  • Posted on 10.18.07

When MayorSlay.com first saw this news item, we were a little confused. After all, although it was certainly possible that "Alma High School" was one of those local Catholic boys’ schools, like Augustinian Academy, that now exists only in its alums’ philanthropy, we’d never heard the City referred to as the "Saratoga of the West."

ST. LOUIS — Area historian David McMacken is looking for historical articles or memorabilia regarding the city of St. Louis.

The retired Alma High School teacher has written several books, including "Saratoga of the West," which detailed the history of the St. Louis Mineral Springs.

McMacken now is seeking photographs, newspaper articles or artifacts about the Park Hotel and other sites that no longer exist in the city as background for another book.

Then, we noticed that the article was published in the Saginaw News.


Darned Internet.