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Posted on 08.02.07
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  • Posted on 08.02.07

From the home office:

Mayor Francis Slay has ordered the City’s engineers, in cooperation with Metro, to inspect the Eads Bridge and several other pedestrian and vehicular bridges in the City.

"After what happened in Minneapolis, we want to be extra cautious," Slay said.

Several of the City’s bridges are similar in design to the bridge that collapsed in Minneapolis. Those six bridges, three of which are pedestrian bridges, will be inspected by engineers from the Board of Public Service immediately.

In addition, the historic Eads Bridge, which looks like a "deck and truss" bridge, will also be inspected. The City is responsible for the deck of the Eads, which was replaced in 2003. Metro is responsible for everything else. The Eads’ actual design is much different than the Minneapolis bridge. The Eads Bridge opened in 1874. The Minneapolis bridge was constructed in 1967.

Additionally, the City’s engineers have been communicating with MoDOT engineers to learn as much as they can about what went wrong in Minneapolis.

"If there is anything to learn from this tragedy that can be applied to St. Louis, we want to know it," Slay said.