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Posted on 09.03.10
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  • Posted on 09.03.10

From the Home Office:

Residents who receive their City water bills in September will also see the City's new solid waste services fee stated separately on the same bill. As of July, 2010, per a new ordinance, the City of St. Louis is charging a fee of $11 per dwelling unit per month for City residential solid waste services. Households that receive their water bills in September will also be billed for July and August solid waste services fees. Citizens will receive four of these bills per year.

City government strives to make St. Louis a great place to live, with clean, safe neighborhoods being a top priority. In the past this included providing free solid waste services to our residents. But, the terrible economy and rising public employee pension costs left the City with a $46 million budget shortfall in the last fiscal year. The City considered, and experimented with, cutting the frequency of residential solid waste pick-ups. However, the services then seemed inadequate and residents were dissatisfied. City leaders now have instituted a modest fee for solid waste services. This means that City solid waste services continue to be among the most comprehensive in the region, and even with the modest fee, they remain among the cheapest to residents in the region.

Starting this past July, City residents are charged $11/month per dwelling unit for solid waste services. Most County residents pay more and get fewer services than what the City services provide. City services include:

  • Twice weekly collection of solid waste
  • Monthly pickup of bulky items, including tires, batteries, furniture, appliances, etc.
  • Drop off of one load per month of additional refuse/bulk/yard waste at the transfer station
  • Weekly collection of yard waste during the growing season
  • In neighborhoods that want it, residents will receive one pickup of single stream recyclable solid waste and one pickup of "regular" solid waste per week.

    The City will begin implementing single-stream recycling services in some neighborhoods within the next few months.

    If you have questions about your bill, recycling services, or to report illegally dumped items, please call the Citizens' Service Bureau at (314) 622-4800. If you witness illegal dumping in progress, please call the Police Department's non-emergency hotline at (314) 231-1212.