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Posted on 02.08.07
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  • Posted on 02.08.07

Feng Shui superstitions strongly discourage the giving of sharp objects, like swords, knives, and scissors. MayorSlay.com, however, believes that one important exception to the rule is probably the gift of a life-saving device.

So, we gladly note that two companies, The Daniel & Henry Co. and Fireman's Fund Insurance Company, have presented $5,000 today to the St. Louis Department to allow Chief Sherman George and his firefighters to purchase new hydraulic cutters.

The device, according to a press release from Fireman's Fund, uses upgraded cutting technology to cut through the case-hardened steel found in late model automobiles. The Fire Department's current crop of shears can't cut that steel.

Call Atle Erlingsson at 415 899-6073, if you want the details.