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Posted on 02.16.07
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  • Posted on 02.16.07

From Police Chief Joe Mokwa’s office:

The City of St. Louis’ first set of red light enforcement cameras installed at the intersections of Hampton and Wilson and Hampton and Chippewa will began operating today, Friday, February 16, 2007. For the next 30 days, motorists who violate the red lights at the two locations will receive a warning citation in
the mail. Enforcement will actually begin on March 19, 2007.

The Board of Aldermen passed an ordinance authorizing the red light camera enforcement program to improve public safety by reducing accidents caused by motorists running red lights. Colonel Joseph J. Mokwa, Chief of Police, supports the effort to reduce accidents. "All too often our citizens are being critically and sometimes fatality injured by people failing to obey traffic signals," stated Chief Mokwa, "I am hoping that the cameras will send a clear message to motorists to pay attention and follow traffic signals."

According to the most recent Missouri Highway Patrol statistics (2005), 76 accidents occurred at these two locations, most caused by drivers running electrical signals.

The cameras are triggered by sensors which are activated when a vehicle runs a red light. The cameras take two digital photos which document the violation; the citation and the photos are then mailed to the owner of the vehicle.