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Posted on 12.02.11
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  • Posted on 12.02.11


  • All westbound lanes on I-64 between Jefferson and the Poplar Street Bridge, Saturday, 5am-8pm

  • At least 1 eastbound lane on I-64 from 22nd Street to 8th Street, Saturday, 5am-8pm

  • 11th Street off-ramp from eastbound I-64, Saturday, 5am-8pm

  • Pine Street on-ramp, both directions, Saturday, 5am-8pm

  • Broadway, 10th Street,and 14th Street ramps to westbound I-64, Saturday, 5am-8pm

  • Left lane at Chestnut closed, Saturday and Sunday

    Also, various westbound lanes of the Popular Street Bridge will closed on Saturday morning from midnight until 5 am