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Posted on 03.18.07
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  • Posted on 03.18.07

From an editorial in Sunday’s St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

Civics is defined as the study of the privileges and obligations of citizens. The real lesson in the St. Louis schools debacle all along has been adults shirking their responsibilities and not telling the truth.

If the adult puppeteers behind the "student protest" had put the needs of the kids first, they would have spent that time productively: in class, doing homework or preparing for tests. Again and again, school board members, administrators, union leaders and others charged with looking after the welfare of St. Louis schoolchildren have chosen instead to exploit them for their own ends. By lying to students and manipulating their emotions, they stooped to a new low.

"Some people think (the students) are being exploited; other people think they’re heroes," Mr. Downs told the Post-Dispatch. "We all have differences of opinion. That’s America."

Not true, Mr. Downs.

That is not America. It’s not a matter of conflicting opinions. It’s a matter of fact versus fiction, of lies versus truth. As the misguided Gateway student wrote in her letter: "Personal agendas, money, power and greed are put before us students."


For now, you can read the entire editorial here