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Posted on 08.05.07
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  • Posted on 08.05.07

Participants in the St. Louis Internship Program spend their summer vacations working in some of Downtown’s most important offices. The high-profile experience gives the students an insight into the mechanics of business and government - and an important leg up in the process of identifying a career or occupation. (It also gives business and government execs a sneak peak at some of the brightest young talent in the City.)

Franchesca Noel spent this summer as a SLIP intern in City Hall Room 200, the Office of the Mayor. Her co-workers enjoyed the experience.

This photo captures Ms. Noel participating in SLIP’s High School Mock Trial Training Institute final trials at the St. Louis Civil Courts Building.

Ms. Noel was one of several participants in the exercise singled out by Judge Anna Forder (pictured presiding) for “excellent work.”