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Posted on 10.07.11
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  • Posted on 10.07.11

The City of St. Louis presents Open Streets for the second year. This Saturday, roads will be closed in and around Old North St. Louis to vehicles - but will be open to everyone else. Participants can join the route at any point. Roads will be closed from 9am - 1:30pm.

Connecting to the Old North Farmers' Market and the Riverfront Trail, this route is excellent for serious cyclists as well as those who simply want to visit Crown Candy Kitchen, stroll through the farmers' market, or see the community's acclaimed revitalization of historic properties. This event will feature many free classes and attractions: tai chi, yoga, and a bootcamp workout for the active-minded, a drumline and live music by Bill Forness & the Tennessee Two for music lovers, a farmers' market and food trucks for foodies, and an obstacle course, sports, and a bubble bus for kids. All activities are free. View the Old North St. Louis route at http://bit.ly/nNJOpx.

This year's Open Streets events will offer even more diverse activities, live music, and exciting events than before. Open Streets are two days of the year when City streets are open for people to enjoy and explore - and it's a unique opportunity for St. Louisans to experience the City by foot or bicycle. We encourage participants of all ages to enjoy Open Streets - be active, meet new friends and neighbors, and celebrate the season. Participation in Open Streets is free and open to the public. Learn more about Open Streets at www.stlouis-mo.gov/OpenStreets.