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Posted on 12.29.10
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  • Posted on 12.29.10

From the home office:

City offices, City courts, and the Municipal Garage will be closed on Friday, December 31 as one of five unpaid holidays taken by City of St. Louis employees. Under the mandatory furlough plan, all City managers will take 10 unpaid vacation days and general employees will take 5 unpaid holidays.

As a result of the current furlough plan, the City is saving $3 million and will be able to retain 53 jobs.

The down economy and rising public employee pension costs recently left the City with a $46 million budget shortfall. Furloughs were one of many steps taken to help balance the City's budget while still maintaining comprehensive services and without laying off additional employees.

Employees who are scheduled to work 24-hour operations, on Family Medical Leave, or otherwise cannot be furloughed on the designated days will schedule the furlough at an alternate time before the end of the fiscal year.

City furloughs do not apply to the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department or the Fire Department.

Trash and recycling scheduled to be picked up on Friday will be picked up on Thursday.