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Posted on 02.07.07
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  • Posted on 02.07.07

From an article about Cortex in today’s New York Times

Looking ahead, Mr. Dubinsky said the goal was to complete 1.5 million square feet of new office and research space in the district over the next five years.

He also said the consortium would undertake significant street and infrastructure improvements in the area, including a new station of the St. Louis light-rail system.“Our goal is to be the enablers,” he said. “We want to attract private developers by making it easy for them to come in here in terms of helping them find money and tenants and also to help them deal with the political issues.”

Late last summer, Cortex turned a significant corner when a private developer broke ground on a second building steps away from the first. The new building is expected to be 160,000 square feet and is budgeted to cost about $60 million. The developer is Robert G. Clark, the chairman and chief executive of Clayco, a local firm that specializes in structures for corporations and institutions.

Mr. Clark says the opportunity represented by Cortex “makes my eyes widen.” “Both Washington University and St. Louis University are major research hubs, and Cortex is located between them. We’re definitely not taking a loss on this.”

For now, you can read the entire article here.