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Posted on 12.30.13
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  • Posted on 12.30.13

From the Partnership:

The Commitment Day Run steps off from Chestnut Street, just west of 14th Street, at 10AM on Wednesday, January 1st. The following streets will be impacted beginning at 1 a.m.. Streets will be reopened at police discretion.

Course Description:

Start on Chestnut west of 14th, east on 14th to 13th, north on 13th to Olive, west on Olive to Compton, Turn-Around, East on Olive to N. 18th, south on N. 18th to Chestnut, east on Chestnut to Finish east of 15th.

Course Detail:

Start - Chestnut west of 14th, end of first parking stripe on north side of Chestnut west of 14th (east of light standard).1 Mile - Olive east of Jefferson, in line with east edge of bus stop shelter on north side of Olive.2 Mile - Olive west of Ewing, first parking meter on south side of street west of Ewing.3 Mile - Chestnut east of 17th, 23ft east of west edge of #20 Plaza Square Apts, east of third parking meter east of parking lot drive.

Finish - Chestnut east of 15th, first set of light standards on north & south side of Chestnut east of 15th.