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Posted on 11.03.11
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  • Posted on 11.03.11

From the home office:

Mayor Francis Slay and County Executive Charlie Dooley jointly announced a new policy regarding residency requirements that will make it easier for homeless people to receive services in St. Louis City and County. By providing more services, we hope fewer people will live on the streets which will result in less crime and less disruption of our neighborhoods.

In the past, the residency policy required that a homeless person's last permanent address (apartment, room or house where a person last lived for at least 90 days) had to live within St. Louis City or County, or within 100 miles of those jurisdictions to receive services. The new policy will lift those restrictions making it possible for any homeless person in need of services to receive help regardless of where they became homeless.

"Homelessness is unacceptable in St. Louis City and County," said Mayor Slay. "But various longstanding residency policies restricted services. By lifting those restrictions, we will be able to provide services to more individuals as we work to end homelessness in the City. We will also continue to engage other counties within this region to develop appropriate and effective housing and programs that will end long-term homelessness for individuals and families throughout the region."

"Helping those who are struggling with homelessness should not be hampered by political boundaries," said County Executive Dooley. "I endorse the efforts of both Human Services departments to work together to find services for this region's homeless."

"It is critical, especially in tough economic times, that we work together to find help for the people and families that find themselves without the housing and services it takes to survive." Said Andrea Jackson-Jennings, Director of St. Louis County's Department of Human Services.

"By eliminating this policy, the city will be able to offer services to those who need it most and address the needs of many more people living on the streets and along the riverfront ," said Bill Siedhoff, Director of the City of St. Louis' Department of Human Services. "With cold weather approaching, the need for secure housing is urgent."

Individuals and organizations interested in making donations towards ending long-term homelessness should send contributions to The United Way of Greater St. Louis, Homelessness Relocation Fund, Attentions: Ken Graesser, 910 North 10th Street, St. Louis, MO 63101