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Posted on 07.20.11
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  • Posted on 07.20.11

Statement of Mayor Francis Slay:

This is a very important day for the region, for the City, and for this airport.

With this compromise, we are a very big step closer to realizing our ambition of making this airport an international cargo hub.

Without Aerotropolis, it is unlikely that flights from China would be sustainable, and almost impossible that Lambert could become the China Hub. It is that important.

This is an important day for another reason. Our police department has been under state control for 150 years. In the last session, local control got entangled in the debate over economic development.

With this agreement done, both speaker Tilley and Pro Tem Mayer have agreed to support including local control in the special session.

This was a tough piece of legislation to put together. The folks in Washington could take a page from our leaders here in Missouri who forged this compromise. This is not a Republican bill. It is not a Democratic bill. It is a Missouri bill.

I want to thank the leadership of the House: Speaker Tilley and Representative Diehl in particular.

I want to thank the senate. Senator Mayer, Senator Eric Schmitt, and our senators Joe Keaveny and Robin Wright-Jones.

This is not the final step. In many ways, it is just the first step. But, it is a very important step.