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Posted on 09.08.11
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  • Posted on 09.08.11

Mayor Slay offered the following statement:

There are the words that every mayor in America wants to hear from the federal government: education, innovation, and infrastructure. President Obama used these words tonight to explain how our country is going to replace jobs, create opportunities, and spur economic growth.

St. Louis is a city that has preserved a lot of our historic building stock. That means beautiful neighborhoods, but it also means sewer systems, roads, bridges, and schools that need modernizing. I heard the President talking about doing just that.

Like many older cities, St. Louis is a diverse place. We are older, younger, richer, poorer, and more ethnically diverse than our suburbs and exurbs. Our residents heard the President say that rebuilding America will be a common project for everyone, that help will be passed out fairly, and that no one who works hard will be left behind.

I will be on my telephone with some of our biggest and smallest companies telling them that I think the tools President Obama has promised will let them start hiring again, that government will not be in their way.

Congress should pass this bill.