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Posted on 10.30.11
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  • Posted on 10.30.11

Mayor Francis Slay's formal remarks at the Parade of Champions ceremony at Busch Stadium:

It is my pleasure to congratulate the St. Louis Cardinals - and the citizens of Cardinals Nation - for one of the most remarkable and exciting baseball seasons in the long history of remarkable and exciting baseball in St. Louis.

The past month has been a great one for our city's restaurants, for our city's hotels, and for our City's heart. Dramatic, hard-played postseason baseball has made us nervous. It has made us breathless. It has made us proud. And on Friday, it made the St. Louis Cardinals the World Champions.

Congratulations to all of the players. Congratulations to the owners and staff.

Tens of thousands of Cardinals fans are here today; hundreds of thousands of you are watching on television. All of you have behaved like good sports, in the stadium and in our streets before and after games. You are truly the best fans in baseball.

I'm always proud to honor St. Louisans when I can. David Freese is one of us. He grew up coming to a stadium named Busch to cheer for the Cardinals. He, just like a lot of St. Louis boys (and girls) imagined himself being a Cardinal. He probably did not imagine, however, just how important a Cardinal he was going to grow up to be.

[On a team of valuable players, David Freese is only the sixth Major League Baseball player in more than 30 years to be named the MVP of both the League Championship series and the World Championship series in the same season. He becomes a indelible part of a great Cardinals history.]

I am very proud to present David Freese the highest civic honor I can, the Key to the City of St. Louis.