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Posted on 10.26.10
  • 2 min read
  • Posted on 10.26.10

Beginning later this week, residents of the City's neighborhoods can expect their homes to be approached by entire flights of ghosts, goblins, popular movie characters, cats, dogs, ballerinas, and cowboys. Halloween is (after only Christmas) the second most commercially successful holiday in the country. Halloween candy sales alone average $2 billion dollars a year.

By tradition, the trick-or-treaters of St. Louis are held to a slightly higher standard than are the costumed supplicants in many other parts of the country. In most City neighborhoods, treats are only dispensed to those who have brought a riddle along with them.

As a public service to parents already struggling with the last-minute adjustment of costumes, MayorSlay.com has appended some of our favorite seasonal (and perennial) riddles below.

Riddles For The Season

What was the witch's favorite subject in school?Spelling

What kind of streets do zombies like the best?Dead ends

I envelope you in darkness but you see many things. I can be resisted but a lack of me leaves rings. What am I?Sleep

Did you hear about the formerly pregnant bedbug?She had her baby in the spring

What is a Mummy's favorite type of music? Wrap How do you make a witch stew?Keep her waiting for hours

What vehicle is spelled the same both backwards and forwards?Racecar Knock, knock.Who's there?Manuel.Manuel who?Manuel be sorry if you don't give me a treat!

Did you hear about the cannibal who was expelled from school? He was buttering up his teacher. What do little ghosts drink?Evaporated milk

What gets wetter the more it dries?A towel

What do sea monsters eat for lunch? Fish and ships

When you have me, you feel like sharing me. But, if you do share me, you don't have me. What am I?A secret

Do zombies eat popcorn with their fingers?No, they eat the fingers separately... What did one ghost say to the other ghost?"Do you believe in people?"

What do you say to a 2-headed monster?Hello, hello

What happened to the monster that took the five o'clock train home?He had to give it back There were two ducks in front of a duck and two ducks behind a duck and one duck in the middle. How many ducks were there in total?Three What is black and white and black and white and black and white and black and white?A penguin rolling down a hill

What is black and white and laughing?The penguin that pushed him